Our School Values

  • RESPECT – We value ourselves and others
    We care about our surroundings and our community
  • GROWTH – We aspire to do our best
    We understand that learning is a lifelong process
  • RESILIENCE – We persist when things become difficult
    We accept and adapt to change

School Priorities

Our current school Improvement Plan includes:

Student Wellbeing with a focus on developing growth and providing the opportunities and skills required to develop resilience.

At Triabunna District School, we believe in the importance of developing the whole child.  Concepts such as increasing Breakfast Club to five days a week, having a school nurse, social worker and school psychologist weekly provide students with connectedness and support.  The range of option opportunities as well as the Kitchen Garden program ensure that the diverse interest of our children are being attended to.  During 2019 we had a specific focus on developing a whole school good eating policy that was aligns to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.  This encompasses many of our programs, School Canteen, Breakfast Club, Foods classes, Kitchen Garden program and how our teachers model good eating habits to students.  This focus also afforded opportunity to attend to issues with student attendance and how we interact with families around this issue.

Writing is an identified area for improvement across our school community.  During the previous three years we have focused on developing whole school approaches to reading comprehensions and we now turn our attention to developing whole school approaches to teaching writing across all subject areas.  This will include learning intentions and success criteria, rubrics and student goal setting across the Kinder to Grade 10 sector.  To assist with this facilitation we have a Literacy Coach who works with teachers to mentor, develop and align their teaching practices as well as providing opportunity to assess data to identify student goals for writing.

School Facilities

At Triabunna District School we are very proud of our beautiful grounds and facilities.  We have a sports oval, basketball and netball courts, gymnasium, modern play equipment and swings and a well maintained Kitchen Garden space the provides places for all our students to play and enjoy.  We also own a fleet of updated outdoor equipment including surfboards, mountain bikes, kayaks, sail boats and camping equipment.

We have a separate early years building and play area for our younger students in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  This building is also used for our Launching into Learning, Birth – 4 program.

The Munch Shack’ which is our school canteen, is run by our Canteen Supervisor, Tamara Butcher and volunteer Fiona Hutchins, operating Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays selling a wide range on nutritious lunches, healthy snacks and drinks at both recess and lunch. The canteen is a member of the Tasmanian Canteen Association and is Gold accredited.  In 2019, the school canteen was awarded winners of ‘The Minister for Education’s Award for Best Whole School Approach to Healthy Eating’, ‘Canteen Manager of the Year Award’, Co-Winner of the ‘Environmentally Friendly Canteen Award’ and ‘Canteen Volunteer of the Year Award’.

The school lease two 12 seater buses that are used to provide transport for a wide range of school programs and excursions.  Students are expected to meet all regular school behavioural expectations whilst travelling as passengers on these buses.

Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Student Representative Council (SRC) – Secondary and Primary
  • House Captains
  • Kitchen Garden Leaders
  • Canteen Leaders
  • Breakfast Program Leaders


Across both our Primary and Secondary, students will study a standard core of subjects which are part of the Australian Curriculum and include English, History, Science/STEM, Mathematics, Geography, Information, Communication and Technology as well as Health and Wellbeing.

Primary students also participate in one lesson a week of Music, Art, and Physical Education.  Students from Kinder – Grade 6 participate in rotation Kitchen Garden gardening sessions while students in Grade 3-6 participate in Kitchen Garden cooking sessions on a rotational basis.

Grade 7 and 8 students also choose three elective subjects which suit their interests and these include Material, Design and Technology, Music, Food/Fibre/Business, Explore the Coast, Girl Power, Visual Art, World Football, Foods and Science Extended.

Grade 9 and 10 students also choose three or four elective subjects which suit their interests and these include Explore the Coast, Foods, Athlete Development, Material, Design and Technology, Music, Design and Digital Media, Outdoor Education, Visual Art, Maths Extended, Tech Time and Child Studies.


Each student is placed in one of the school’s House Teams – Freycinet (Yellow), Maria (Green) or Rheban (White). Senior Secondary students have the opportunity to nominate for the positions of House Captain each year.  During the year we have Inter-house sports events that include Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and Surf Carnivals. Students have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions including SPSSA and Inter-High Carnivals in Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and Surfing. 

Selected Primary students participate in trials for District Football and Netball teams. 

Each year Grade 3-6 students participate in a Water Safety and Swim program that is conducted in Hobart and students from Kinder to Grade 6 participate in a “Learn to Beach” program delivered at a local beach.  

Our Outdoor Education program allows Secondary students to participate in a variety of challenging sports including camping, bike riding, rock climbing, sailing, bushwalking and surfing.